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Wrington Vale Skittle Inter League Team Results

2021/22 Inter League Results

Weston and District League 397 Vs Wrington Vale League 367

 Highest Scores (front pin): Weston & District - Ian Norton and Pete Blackwell 45,  Wrington Vale  K Hann 50.


Wrington Vale travelled to the Devonshire Rd Social Club and were comfortably beaten by the District Team. Wrington have an uphill battle to pull back 30 pins in February's match. Keith Hann's excellent form continued with a 50 which was the top score on the board. 


12th February at home (alley to be decided) is the return leg .


Thanks to the Social Club for hosting, a good night was had by all, special mention to the sticker up who was  magnificent. 

Weston and District v Wrington Vale Inter League.png

Wrington Vale League 459 Vs Weston Central League 415

Highest Scores (front pin):  Wrington Vale -  Keith Hann 71,  Weston Central - Dave Bastin 45.


The first interleague game of the new season was at Grove Alley 2. Wrington Vale win by 44, mostly thanks to an excellent 71 from Keith Hann.  Josh Geal on his debut with a good 45 . 


Excellent evening against the Central boys, return leg is in January (alley to be confirmed). Big thanks to the Grove for hosting and the food .

Wrington v Central Inter League.png
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