Wrington Vale Skittle League Rules



1.      a) The League shall be called the Wrington Vale Skittle League.

        b) All re-applications to be sent to the Secretary by the 30th of April.

        c) All new teams must send applications to join the League by the 30th of April accompanied by a list of at least 12 players.


2.    The League shall consist of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Secretary, Competitions Secretary,   Treasurer (defined as the Officers), Life Members, and ordinary members.


3.    The League shall be managed by a Committee of a maximum of fourteen members, consisting of the Officers and ordinary Committee members, all to be elected at the A.G.M. or subsequently co-opted in the event of a shortfall.  A quorum for committee meetings shall be 5 members.


4.    The annual meeting shall be held after the end of the season at a date to be decided by the Committee to receive the secretaries and treasurers reports and to elect the officers and committee for the following year.  Special general meetings may be called by the order of one third of the affiliated teams, or at the instigation of the league committee.  Fourteen days notice shall be given of all general meetings.  Teams not represented at the A.G.M. will be fined as per the league charges.


5.    Voting at the A.G.M. and special general meetings shall be restricted to two votes for each registered team, and one vote each for life members.  Proposals for rule changes to be circulated to all teams at least 21 days prior to the A.G.M., and these to be the only rule changes to be voted on at the A. G. M.


6.    All players shall be registered members of the Club they represent and shall not be eligible to play in any two teams or clubs of the League.  Any member wishing to transfer must obtain the permission of his club and then apply through his Club Secretary to the League Secretary.


7.    The players registration form must be with the League Secretary by the date notified subject to a fine for late receipt.  Additional players must be registered before their first match and the registration will be deemed applicable from that match onwards.


8.    Players may be signed on at any time during the season by telephoning the League Secretary (or, if unavailable, any Officer) by 7.30pm on the day of the match.


9.    Any Team playing an ineligible player shall have the ineligible players' score removed from the card.  A fine will be imposed as per the League charges.


10.  The results of matches together with the names of the players in the teams shall be sent to the League Secretary by the home team and signed by the Captain of the visiting team.

SCORE CARDS NOT ARRIVING BY 12 NOON ON THE SATURDAY AFTER THE MATCH WILL BE SUBJECT TO A FINE AS PER THE LEAGUE CHARGES.  Any cards postmarked on the Thursday and bearing a first class stamp will be exempt from this fine.


11.   All alterations to fixtures must be notified to the League Secretary. Re-arranged matches may be played prior to the fixture date but may not be played more than 6 weeks after the fixture date, or after the last game of the season, whichever is the earlier. If any re-arranged match is not played within these timescales the team requesting the postponement will have 5 points deducted, and their opponents will have 5 points awarded, but match fees must still be paid.  The home team is responsible for re-arranging the match in consultation with the away team.


12.  Any Team failing to turn up for a League match or failing to give at least 24 hours notice to the opposing team AND the League Secretary when postponing a match will be responsible for re-arranging the match and will be penalised as follows:-


    1 . They will be responsible for alley charges for the postponed match.

    2.    They will be fined £25.00.

    3.    They will be responsible for alley charges for the re-arranged match.  Teams may appeal against the fine as        detailed in rule 13.


13.  Written protests or appeals from Teams in connection with League business must be in the hands of the League Secretary within 7 days of the incident in question.  The protest must come from an official of the Club or member of the League Committee.  Written protests from Organisations or Individuals outside the League will not be subject to the 7 day limit.  The Committee will hear from all parties involved before making their decision, which shall be binding.


14.  Teams shall consist of 12 players a side.

15.  The game to be played in three sets of four players each.  Each player shall bowl one hand down of three balls and the game to be six hands per player.


16.  A player must stand on the alley behind the line to deliver the ball.  A no-ball shall be called if the ball, when delivered, does not first touch the alley behind the line, or a player stands on or over the line after delivering the ball.  Any pins knocked down by a no-ball shall not be reset.  If a spare is obtained with a no-ball the down will be considered finished and only the pins scored with the fair ball shall count.  If any pin knocked over by a fair ball subsequently rolls over and stands up again, it shall be considered to count and be removed from the alley.

17.  All League and cup matches to commence not later than 8,00pm.


18.  The maximum interval between the first and second sets is 5 minutes.  The maximum interval between the second and third sets is 10 minutes.


19.  All Trophies are perpetual and the property of the League.


20.  Winners of all Trophies shall be responsible to the League for the safe custody of the Trophy, and shall return them clean to the Secretary when requested.


21.  The home club must pay sticker-up and alley charges for league matches.


22.  Scoring - 2 points per set, 4 points per win.  In drawn sets teams get 1 point each, in drawn games teams get 2 points each.  This to apply to all League games and League play-offs.  In the event of a game being abandoned, all points gained shall stand and the game, when re­arranged, shall continue from the last completed set.


 22a. In the event of two or more teams finishing with the same number of points for a championship, runner-up or relegation place, the team with the most wins shall be placed higher.  In the event that teams are still equal the team gaining the most points in the matches between the teams tying shall be placed higher. In the event that teams are still equal the team scoring the most pins in the matches between the teams tying shall be placed higher. Should matters still be undecided a play off/s will take place.


23.  The no-ball line shall be 14 feet from the heel strip.


24. The front pin to be distinguished by a contrasting band round its centre, front quarter pins a contrasting band top and bottom.  The distance between pin centres to be 15", and pin positions to be clearly marked on the alley.


25.  Pins and balls:- Pins maximum height 10" minimum height 91/2" Maximum diameter 5" minimum diameter 41/2".  Balls maximum diameter 5", minimum diameter 41/2" Balls must be rubber or rubber composition.  Pins and Balls to be of serviceable quality as adjudged by League Committee.


26.  The committee has the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules and will penalise any team or individual as they may decide.





27.  The Captains Wills knock-out cup is to be played under front first rules.


28.  In front pin games, no score shall count until the front pin has been knocked down by the players ball before striking other pins.  If the front pin is knocked down by another pin or by the ball after the ball has touched another pin first, only the front pin must be reset.  In the event of a spare, only those pins standing when the front pin was hit shall be reset.  Should the front pin be knocked down by a no-ball, the hand shall be considered finished with no score.


29.  All matches to be drawn and played on neutral alleys.


30.  In the case of a tie the last set shall bowl one hand per man.


31.  No postponement will be allowed but teams may play the match on or before the date if agreed by both teams.


32.  All cup matches to be decided by total pinfall.


33.  The results of cup games shall be sent to the Competitions Secretary by the first named team.


34.    If any player represents more than one team in any cup competition he/ she shall be deemed an ineligible player and his/her score removed from the total.





35.  The individual and pairs competitions shall be open to all registered players.


36.  Entries for these competitions must be received by the Secretary by the date notified.


37.  Any player not on the alley by 8.15 p.m. for pairs and individual competitions will be eliminated.


38.  Teams will be responsible for alley charges of players who do not attend, or arrive late for any round of these competitions.


39.  In the event of a tie in pairs and individuals rounds each player shall bowl one hand until a result is achieved.


40.  Each pair must belong to the same team.


41.  Individuals and Pairs Competitions to be played throughout with the highest scores on each alley to go through.


42.  A permanent change of player may only be made in the first round.




43.   Highest away spares competition - in the event of a tie in the number of away spares scored in league matches, the competition shall be decided by the total spares pinfall.


44.   Any team responsible for not fulfilling a cup game will be fined £25.



Annual Subscription   £5.00 per team

League match fees   £6.00 per match

Cup match fees   £6.00 per match

Individuals entry fee   50p per player

Pairs entry fee   £1.00 per pair

Late scorecard fine   £2.50 per week (Rule 10)

Failing to play   £25.00 (Rule 12 and 44)

Protest fee   £1.00 (Rule 13)

Ineligible player   £5.00 (Rule 9)

Non-attendance at A.G.M.   £12.00

Late Pairs/Individuals entry form   £5.00


The sticker-up fee will be determined by each alley


(In cup matches each team pay half sticker-up fee).


All accounts are to be paid within 14 days. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £5.00 for each week they are unpaid.