Wrington Vale Skittle League

  • Chairman & Treasurer - Kevin Tucker

  • League Secretary - Mike Mobbs

  • Competitions Secretary - John Gallop

  • Web Secretary - Dave Spearing

  • Committee - Roger Worle, Bob Child, Geoff Poole & Marcus Flook

The Wrington Vale Skittle League was formed in 1927 at a meeting held at Congresbury Memorial Hall. The first season comprised of nine teams – Congresbury, Wrington, Redhill, Burrington, Worle Village Club, Hewish, East Harptree, and Yatton some of which are still with us.


The League had been running consistently since that first season up until the Special Committee Meeting of September 11th 1939 where the minutes state that ‘Owing to the declaration of War, it was decided to cancel all fixtures and Cup Games’. The League restarted again on July 9th 1945 and has carried on until the Covid pandemic of 2019 when there was an 18 month break.

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2021/22 Season - Information Board

The Committees intention is to pay prize money at the end of the season and to have promotions and relegations. This will involve moves to equalize the number of teams in the three divisions, but will need to be reviewed if there are significant numbers of unplayed postponed games.

Covid Advice Update - 20th December 2021


The League has no plans for a blanket cancellation of this weeks games - Each team must make their own decision on whether to play or not. There is no penalty (points or financial) in postponing a game nor any limit to how many games you can postpone. If you intend to play the game later then the 6 weeks rule does not apply this season and games may even be played after the end of the season.  Have a safe and happy Christmas.

The Wrington Vale Inter League Team have been in action.  The results and commentary of the recent two games are showing under "Results" (< - Click).

Postponed Games


A quick reminder of what was agreed at the general meeting at the start of the season.


There is no time limit on re-arranging postponed games they can be played anytime including Wednesday 30th March 2022 (after the end of the season)


Please also remember that as there are no cup, pairs or individuals competitions, those Tuesdays are also all free for games.

Captains contact information has been updated with the latest information (on 20th Nov)

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Changes for the 2021/22 Season:

  • There will be no cup games this season.

  • Games will be played with 10 players on each side.

  • Games will be played in three sets.  The first and second sets will have 3 players each side, and the last set will have 4 players each side.

  • Scoring will be as before – 2 points for each set and 4 points for the game, making a total of 10 points.  Drawn sets 1 point each and drawn games 2 points each.

  • Both teams will observe whatever Covid recommendations are in force at the time of the match.

  • Redhill, Oddbods and Yeomen have withdrawn from the League.

  • Zulus have moved to Winscombe Cricket Club.

  • Gropers have moved to Redhill.

  • Harptree Handlers have moved to Bishop Sutton F.C.I.

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