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Wrington Vale Skittle Inter League Team Results

2022/23 Inter League Results
Interleague 18th Feb.png

Weston and District League 485 Vs Wrington Vale League 466

 In a Front Pin First match, Wrington Vale entertained the powerful Weston and District interleague team at Dundry on October 22nd. First set went to District by 15 pins, even though Wrington had 4 spares and District none, District were just a little more consistent. Top scores were 49 by Wayne Harding for Wrington, and also a fine 49 without a spare for Dave Haigh of District.


Second set was again edged by District, by 8 pins. Top score for Wrington was Marcus Ridge with 49, and Jack Wilcox with 48 for District. Third set was close yet again, but Wrington prevailed by 4 pins, with Keith Hann hitting 48, and with Dave Blackhurst hitting the night's top score of 50 for the visitors. Team totals were Wrington 466, District 485, not bad for FPF. 


Amazingly, Wrington had 10 spares to District's 4, but we still lost by 19; and of the 14 spares, only one was achieved by hitting the Quarter first ball. However, a 19 pins deficit is not huge at Front Pin, and we hope to pull them back when we visit Weston in the new Year.


It was an enjoyable night, competitive but with good, friendly banter. Thanks to Captain Clint for running the show, and to Dundry for hosting it, it's a good venue with plenty of parking, reasonable prices and good viewing. 

First 2022-23 Interleague.jpg

Scoreboard from the return match on 18th February 2023, narrative to follow.

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